Back from a hiatus & back to work

It has been a while since I have posted and shared, and for that I apologise. I have been busy working towards trying to make a measurable difference in the lives of others through my work with CAREducation Trust as well as progressing my academic career.

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to since I last posted.

I am currently in my 2nd year of my PhD in Human Computer Interaction. This means I am looking at how humans interact and use technology. This work is based in the discipline of Computer Science and is opening my eyes to so many new things. I am still working with the Institute for Women’s Health, UCL as well as at the Institute of Digital Health at UCL Interaction Centre.

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I am still exploring how to support couples with their preconception health and care to improve their own health and well-being as well of their future children. This time I am looking at the men. Yes, that’s right men preparing for conception.

Did you know that what men do with their health and well-being can impact the quality of their sperm? I am looking at how we can use technology to support men whilst preparing for conception.

Not only does this give voice and focus to a (maybe, surprisingly) minority group in this field of study, it aims to include men into conception journey and raise awareness towards their responsibility towards their impacts towards their unborn child. The focus, attention and responsibility of pregnancy and child rearing does unfortunately and disproportionately fall on women and as I often hear, it takes two to tango!

I will share more, and continuously share my work, progress and experiences with you all.

In other news, I also got married in 2015. I am fortunate to have found a partner that shares my ideals and is supportive as an active partner in my ambition to improve the lives of others. So that kept me a little busy for a while.


I travelled to Nepal in 2016 to see schools in the very remote rural regions that were devastated by the earthquakes. That was an experience and I shall share those soon too!

2017 bought with it life lessons on how to cope with loss and multiple life pressures whilst still continuing on your chosen path.

This brings us to 2018! This year I spent a lot of time learning how to learn again.

So here goes!