“Disability is not Inability”

Satyamev Jayate: “Disability is not Inability”


The show that has taken the world by storm, that has made an impression on the international population, Satyamev Jayate. Every week this show addresses issues of public concern with the aims to educate, inform and reform the public and evoke change in attitude and policy. This issue was one close to the hearts of the Rickshawalas: Looking at the perception and acceptance of disability and what should be done to bring equality.

Rickshawalas support CAREducation Trust UK, a UK based charity that supports children around the world irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion or background through the use of education.

Their first centre Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal, Madhapar, Gujarat is a centre that caters especially for the physically and mentally less abled individuals. It was built shortly after the 2001 earthquake which left this site in ruins. The charity made it their priority to ensure there were adequate facilities for these children that are far too often forgotten by society.

CAREducation Trust UK

From previous blogs you will have seen the reaction from the Rickshawalas, namely Bhavik & Janvi, when we visited the school. We were unaware of the way the needs of these children were catered for. This school has the simplest of modifications to allow the children to get around with ease.

  • Ramps to get to the different levels
  • Coloured tiles on the wall and varied patterned tiles on the steps for those with vision impairments.
  • Signs in English, Gujarati and Braille
  • All books are also translated into Braille and Audio book versions
  • Hand operated cycles that the children borrow to get around the complex and into the local town

These are only a few of the many ways that allow these children barrier free access, in a physical and nonphysical sense and enables them to integrate into society. Furthermore children of various abilities and challenges work together to get all everyday tasks completed. This unity and spirit is exceptional. For example a deaf child will help a blind get around, a child in a wheelchair will read out signs to a blind friend.

Satyamev Jayate focuses on the inclusion of the less abled into society, we at CAREducation Trust share this belief.

Having a disability does not make them any less talented than those without.’Janvi- Rickshawali

“Every child, disabled or otherwise, has a right to education in a regular school. So then why are these children denied this right?” Aamir Khan -Actor/Presenter

This leads to a higher prevalence of lack of education in this demographic. This will only prevent these children from progressing themselves, without education how can we expect for these children to succeed?

These children face many barriers in society, from fellow pupils, from parents, from the general public, but if we hinder the education of these children, we then exhibit behaviours for the future generations to mirror. We need to change now, the future will only lead by example. We also have to consider the education of those without disabilities, if we do not give them the exposure to these gifted children that are naturally challenged, when will they learn to appreciate their own talents or learn the emotion of sensitivity?

“All children need to go forth in life together hand in hand” – Aamir Khan.

The media and the film industry try their best to help us understand, we have Taare Zameen Par, Guzarish, Black, Main Aisa Hi Hoon, the list goes on. But why is it once we finish the movie we forget the message? We all cry those tears for the injustice that occurs in these movies, all that is left is to bridge the gap and understand that we can be the ones to help make the difference. The industry make their crores and the issue once again gets left only on celluloid.

However we are encouraged by the response from the public and the continued attention Aamir Khan and the Satyamev Jayate team are giving to issues even after the show has aired. We hope they can make a difference and reach where others in the past have fallen short.

Support our cause, help make that difference. Change the world one child at a time.

And remember ‘Disability is not Inability’