Courts over rule El Salvador’s abortion law

Court of Human Rights orders El Salvador to provide an abortion

It has come as a surprise but to many a welcomed change of events. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has passed a ruling to allow “Beatriz” an abortion that would save her life. This was previously denied by the the Supreme Court of El Salvador.

This unborn baby has been diagnosed with a condition called Anencephaly, which would result in birth without a fully formed brain and reduced neural development. Beatriz, also had kidney disease and lupus. Doctors have stated that the pregnancy is not viable and that with each passing day, Beatriz is 22 years old and her life is in danger. If the pregnancy would progress to full term, it would be very unlikely that the baby would survive.

Ruling to allow for abortion

The Commission on Human Rights have asked judges to issue measures that the Salvadoran State adopt “immediately the necessary measures to protect the life and physical integrity and health” of the woman. With the deadline 7th June 2013 to implement these provisional measures.

Beatriz has pleaded for her life and her pleas to survive, she has claimed that “there’s no point” with her pregnancy and asked “heart” of the Salvadoran Supreme Court change its position. “I want to live,” she says.

We hope this is the first step to change.

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