MPhil/PhD Student



London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine September 2009 – September 2010

Masters in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research. MSc
Courses in; Reproductive & Sexual Health, Epidemiology, Family Planning Programmes, Statistical Analysis, Research Design, Gender & Health, Safe Motherhood and Perinatal Health.

Kings College University September 2006 – July 2009

Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)
Courses in; Pharmacology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Human Sciences.

Woodhouse College September 2004 – June 2006

A levels; Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics  As Level; English Literature



Ojukwu, O., Patel, D., Stephenson, J., Howden, B., & Shawe, J. (2016). General practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes and views of providing preconception care: a qualitative investigation. Upsala journal of medical sciences, 1-8.

Barrett G., Shawe J., Howden B., Patel D., Ojukwu O., Pandya P. & Stephenson J (2015) Why do women invest in pre-pregnancy health and care? A qualitative investigation with women attending maternity services. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth  doi: 10.1186/s12884-015-0672-3

Stephenson, J., Patel, D., Barrett, G., Howden, B., Copas, A., Ojukwu, O., Pandya, P. and Shawe, J. (2014). How Do Women Prepare for Pregnancy? Preconception Experiences of Women Attending Antenatal Services and Views of Health Professionals. PLoS One, 9 (7), e103085-?. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0103085


Patel D, Stephenson J, Shawe J, Bryer R, Irish C, Hart K, Copas A, Brima N & Steegers-Theunissen R.
Efficacy of a nutrition and lifestyle digital intervention in women planning a pregnancy: a pilot randomised controlled trial in primary care. Start at the beginning.
Annual Meeting, Institute for Women’s Health. 2014.

Shawe J, Patel D, Ojukwu O, Howden B & Stephenson J.
Preconception Care: A exploration of current knowledge & behaviour of men attending antenatal clinics in three London hospitals.
Annual Scientific Meeting, Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare. 2014 & Annual Meeting, Institute for Women’s Health. 2013

Stephenson J, Shawe J, Howden B, Ojukwu O, Patel D, Pandya P, Copas A, Barrett G, Vallejo-Torres L, Morris S, Inskip H & Hanson M.
Pre-pregnancy health and care in England: Exploring Implementation and public health impact.
Annual Scientific Meeting, Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare. 2014 & Annual Meeting, Institute for Women’s Health. 2013

Ojukwu O, Howden B, Patel D, Shawe J & Stephenson J.
The provision of preconception care by GPs in North London: What is provided?
Annual Meeting, Institute for Women’s Health. 2013

University College London, MPhil/PhD Student Computer Science:
April 2017- Present

  • Undertaking a studentship at the Institute of Digital Health. Developing digital health interventions to support men in their preconception period.

University College London, Research Associate: March 2016-Present

  • Low birth-weight in Newham: Definitions, Antecedents and Prevention funded by the Newham CCG / UCLPartners Partnership Programme, in collaboration with University of East London. Leading on Health Professionals views, opinions and experience with low birth-weight and the development, implementation and evaluation of a co-designed intervention.
  • Managing a pilot study to explore the acceptability of health buddies supporting women with their pre-pregnancy health behaviours in Primary Care.

University College London, Research Assistant: February 2012- Present

  • Health Education England funded study on mobile interventions for women planning a pregnancy to improve preconception behaviours. (2014- present) Trial coordinator
  • Department of Health funded project, Pre-Pregnancy Health & Care in England (2012-2013) Researcher
  • Planning further research through grant applications, R&D forms and Ethics forms
  • Developing preconception interventions
  • Coordination of research sites, NHS Trusts
  • Literature reviews
  • Primary data collection, conducting surveys & in-depth interviews
  • Transcribing interviews Verbatim
  • Qualitative analysis, NVivo
  • Data input, variable modification & descriptive analysis using SPSS
  • Multivariate analysis of data with STATA of confidential data
  • Writing research reports and academic papers for publication
  • Training of students and Health Visitors
  • Development of study website
Adhering to the Data Protection Act and Research Excellence Framework.

PARAS PSM, Government Medical College, Surat, Researcher: March 2011-May 2011

  •  Worked with female sex workers and their children exploring their educational rehabilitation
  •  Developed a proposal of individual study that had been ethically approved
  •  Composed study tools and carried out primary data collection, in the form of one to one interviews and questionnaires
  •  Experienced the working practise in India
  •  Worked articulately and kept accurate records of results
  •  Prepared my results of qualitative data, as well as my own ethnographic report of my experience, “My child won’t follow in my footsteps”.

MSc Dissertation: “What Factors Affect the Use of Contraception? Comparing the States of Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya, India”

BSc Dissertation: “Why are high levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines indicative of poor prognosis in patients with severe sepsis?” and “The determinants of Pre-eclampsia”



CAREducation Trust: September 2010- Present

  • Ambassador & coordinator for the charity & Vice-President of the CARE Youth Society
  • Raise awareness & support for the charity, through numerous events, meetings & fundraisers
  • Project managed “The Rickshawalas” project & raised £30,000
  • Project managed “CARE Trek- Kilimanjaro 2013”. Raised over £50,000
  • Relationship management between, donors, stakeholders & local partners
  • Provide all technical & administrative support for the charity
  • Fundraising events management and coordination
  • Advisory for all supporters and collaborators of the charity
  • Composing all charity published literature & website management




  • English- 1st language.
  • Gujarati- fluent in speaking and basic reading and writing.
  • Hindi- basic speaking and understanding.


  • Fluent with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in using STATA statistical analysis software, SPSS and NVivo
  • Use of WordPress & Silva CMS software


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